About us

The Lavitra, a heritage hotel seeped in its impeccable old-world charm, overlooking the lake Fateh Sagar in Udaipur offers its guests contemporary comforts and Rajput courtesy in its own signature grandeur. The hotel, built in the mid-20th century under Maharaj Dhiraj Shivdan Singh, echoes the era of majestic kings and queens through its art and architecture. The opulent interiors and intricate architectural carvings of the hotel, the staff and personalized service, picturesque surroundings of the poised lake make it a comfortable abode for those who cherish experiences and good life.

Visit The Lavitra, the tale of lineages brimmed with heritage culture to give you a ‘stop-over’ from the mundane. During your stay at this heritage hotel in Udaipur, you will discover the heritage culture and traditions.

Prime Location

The hotel is located close to the scenic Fateh Sagar Lake as well as the main city area making it the perfect holiday venue.

Traditional Cuisine

Indulge in our traditional meals prepared with authentic Rajput recipes and take back an unforgettable culinary experience.

Lounge Bar

Here, we welcome our in-house guests to unwind and relax with some fine wine, whiskey, perfectly mixed cocktails, mocktails and soft drinks.

Near Main City

The Lavitra is built near the beautiful and refreshing Fateh Sagar Lake and is located close to the main city area. The hotel provides free parking and the location is ideal for easy access to the shopping areas as well sightseeing nearby.

Rooftop Restaurant

Enjoy the authentic stately cuisine prepared with traditional recipes and served with love along with perfectly mixed cocktails and mocktails on our rooftop restaurant and bar overlooking the scenic Fateh Sagar Lake and Lake Pichola.


The Hotel has an open swimming pool where you can take a revitalizing and relaxing swim or just a quick refreshing dip. The pool is also kid-friendly and an ideal place for the kids to splash away some fun.

Library Lounge

We have an in-house library lounge filled with books and magazines where our guests can enjoy a good read while sipping some tea or coffee. We also provide book exchanges for our guests from around the globe who wish to leave behind a book and take one home.

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