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The Royal lineage of The Lavitra invites you to experience the taste of princely-inheritance, the opulence, and the charm of Rajput traditions, savored for centuries. The royal residency of Shivrati is an integral part of Mewar (Udaipur) dynasty, with its roots hailing back to the 6th century A.D.

The Lavitra, (another name of Lord Shiva) is restored to perfection, reliving the glorious memories of Mewar lineage founded by Bapa Rawal who ruled the territory as a trustee of Shree Eklingnath ji( Lord Shiva, the deity of the family). Hence forth all the successors of Bapa Rawal considered themselves as hereditary ‘Diwans’ of Shree Eklingnath ji and trustees of Mewar and not the kings of the dynasty.


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